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VI International Scientific Conference “Problems ofIndustrial Botany of Industrially Developed Regions” 2021

Powders & Grains 2021 – 9th International Conference on Micromechanics on Granular Media

International Conference on Entrepreneurial Competencies in a Changing World (ECCW 2020)

International Conference on Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment (ICMTMTE 2020)

9th International Conference on Thermal Equipment, Renewable Energy and Rural Development (TE-RE-RD 2020)

ICAD (International Conference on Axiomatic Design)

International Coordination Group for Laser Atmospheric Studies 27th and 28th International Laser Radar Conference

DYMAT (European association for the promotion of research into the dynamic behaviour of materials and its applications)

Témoignages clients

We are happy to work together with E3S team. They are fast response and always having a satisfaction service. It seems all the services are really based on the customer needs.

Andy Prabowo, Tarumanagara University, Indonesia
On behalf of the ICCIM 2023 Editor, E3S Web of Conferences vol. 429 (2023)

Because of the quick, simple, accommodating, and friendly publication process, working with E3S is a joyful experience.

Anzaludin Samsinga Perbangsa, BINUS University, Indonesia
On behalf of the ICOBAR 2023 Editor, E3S Web of Conferences vol. 426 (2023)

We are thankful for E3S Web of Conferences to support our publications. We received very helpful and informative communications and quick response. Publication is also fast and convenient with the clear and simplified instruction. We have good experience to publish our proceedings for 4 years already, and we hope we will continue to get support from E3S Web of Conferences again next year.

Malinee Sriariyanun, KMUTNB, Thailand
On behalf of the RI2C 2023 Editor, E3S Web of Conferences vol. 428 (2023)

We have been cooperating with the Web of Conferences publishing house since 2021. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Web of Conferences publishing house for their outstanding professionalism and quality of service. From my very first interaction with them, I was pleasantly surprised by the publication price — one of the most affordable in the market, making scientific research accessible to a broad audience. Another significant advantage is the speed of publication. The Web of Conferences team responds promptly to all inquiries, which significantly accelerates the publication process, allowing researchers to share their scientific findings with the global community without delay. The flexibility of the staff and management is as commendable as the other benefits. They are always willing to accommodate authors, considering their individual needs and specifics of the work. I especially appreciate their support for open access policy. In an era when access to information is becoming increasingly important, Web of Conferences makes a significant contribution to the dissemination of knowledge, making it accessible to all interested parties. Finally, the publisher’s reputation speaks for itself. With their commitment to quality and transparency, Web of Conferences rightfully occupies one of the leading positions in the field of scientific publications!

Svetlana Rodina, Institute of Digital Economics and Law, Russia
On behalf of the WFCES 2023 Editor, E3S Web of Conferences vol. 419 (2023)

We’d been organizing conferences for a few years now, and often found it difficult to find a proceeding publisher, especially in the early stage. Discovering and collaborating with E3S Web of Conferences were simply exceptional, thanks to their support, understanding, organization of work and, above all, the speed with which articles are published and quickly included in networks for greater visibility. We recommend E3S Web of Conferences as a publisher for all your scientific conference projects.

Stéphane Koumétio Tékouabou, CUS-UM6P, Benguerir, Morocco
On behalf of the CIVA 2023 Editor, E3S Web of Conferences vol. 412 (2023)

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