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VI International Scientific Conference “Problems ofIndustrial Botany of Industrially Developed Regions” 2021

Powders & Grains 2021 – 9th International Conference on Micromechanics on Granular Media

International Conference on Entrepreneurial Competencies in a Changing World (ECCW 2020)

International Conference on Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment (ICMTMTE 2020)

9th International Conference on Thermal Equipment, Renewable Energy and Rural Development (TE-RE-RD 2020)

ICAD (International Conference on Axiomatic Design)

International Coordination Group for Laser Atmospheric Studies 27th and 28th International Laser Radar Conference

DYMAT (European association for the promotion of research into the dynamic behaviour of materials and its applications)

Client testimonials

The RTBS-2023 conference team, representing Lovely Professional University, expresses gratitude for your invaluable assistance throughout the publication process. Your swift responses to inquiries played a crucial role in ensuring the prompt release of the proceedings, just two weeks after the submission of camera-ready manuscripts. We sincerely look forward to the prospect of continued collaboration with E3S for future publications.

Pranav Kumar Prabhakar, University / LPU, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, India
On behalf of the RTBS-2023 Editor, BIO Web of Conferences vol. 86 (2024)

We are fully satisfied collaborate with BIO Web of Conferences for publication of ICESAI 2023 proceedings. The speed of publication is exceeded our expectations. The prompt responses to our inquiries made the entire process smooth and hassle-free. I would not hesitate to recommend Web of Conferences to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient platform for conference proceedings.

Eko Nugroho, Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia
On behalf of the ICESAI 2023 Editor, BIO Web of Conferences vol. 81 (2023)

Our interaction with BIO Web of Conferences services was fantastic. The team was consistently prompt in addressing our inquiries and assisting with conference organization. We are highly satisfied with the caliber and professionalism of their services, and we look forward to potentially publishing with them again in the future.

Fatimah Salsabila Azzahra, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
On behalf of the ICoSIA 2023 Editor, BIO Web of Conferences vol. 80 (2023)

The personnels were very responsive. We had a very nice discussion with them regarding the BIO Web of Conferences proceedings. For example, we stated in the document earlier that we would submit ca. 50 manuscripts. However, we submitted the best manuscripts of less than 10 manuscripts that passed a strict review process. Thus, we could say that the publisher stressed good quality manuscripts not quantity to be published on the BIO Web of Conferences proceedings.

Robertus Wahyu Nayan Nugroho, Research Center for Biomass and Bioproducts, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Indonesia
On behalf of the ICONLIG-IWoRS 2023 Editor, BIO Web of Conferences vol. 77 (2023)

I am so impressed by the feature from Web of Conferences. It is great, and I love using it. It makes our work easier and more enjoyable. The guidelines are well-designed and user-friendly. I appreciate the effort and creativity that went into creating it. We had a wonderful experience with the services offered by the BIO Web of Conferences. The Web of Conferences team was always ready and quick to answer our queries and help us with the conference organization. We are very happy with the quality and professionalism of their work. We would love to publish here again in the future.

Muhammad Rafieiy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
On behalf of the BioMIC 2023 Editor, BIO Web of Conferences vol. 75 (2023)

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