Why publish with us?

Web of Conferences offers a wide range of services from the organization of the submission of conference proceedings to the worldwide dissemination of the conference papers. It provides an efficient archiving solution, ensuring maximum exposure and wide indexing of scientific conference proceedings.

Policy on re-use

Conference papers may be subsequently updated, or enhanced, for further publication as a regular journal article.

Total flexibility

Web of Conferences welcomes any scientific documents: traditional articles, posters, abstracts, slideshows, etc.


Each document receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), and is indexed to Crossref©.

Metrics and other services

Intelligent search engine, email alerts, list of related articles, citation tracking, page view count, links to social bookmarks, etc.

Publishing options

Open access journals vs specific website

Web of Conferences provides conference organizers with a selection of open access journals, covering a large spectrum of scientific fields, in which to publish conference proceedings. Browse our Open Access proceedings journals.

Alternatively conference organizers can publish their proceedings on a dedicated conference or organization website with Web of Conferences. See examples of our Specific Collections.

Online management of the event

Web of Conferences can provide organizers with an online tool that optimizes the management of the scientific contents of the event. It facilitates various steps of the scientific secretariat (submission, reviewing and selection), and automates some communications between authors, reviewers and organizers.

Printed proceedings

In addition to the online publishing of the scientific documents, organizers can buy printed copies, CD-ROMs and/or USB sticks of their conference proceedings.

Editorial service

Conference organizers can choose to provide us with documents ready to be published. Alternatively Web of Conferences can produce the articles so they are ready for publication by managing the layout process, and/or the creation of high quality PDF files.

Publication procedure

  1. Estimate

    Conference organizers interested in publishing their proceedings with Web of Conferences should contact us to request a quote.

  2. Guidelines

    Once the costs have been agreed, we then schedule the publication, and provide you with the guidelines for authors and organizers.

  3. Submission

    Authors submit their documents to the conference organizers (who are responsible for conducting peer reviewing - see Publishing Policies & Ethics). Accepted papers are supplied to Web of Conferences by the organizers.

  4. Billing

    A final quote is sent once we have received all the documents. This quote is based on the final number of articles and pages to be published.

  5. Processing

    We process all the documents without delay and the documents will be available online within three months of us receiving the contributions.

    The organizers will be supplied with PDF proofs of the cover or CD label. Authors and organizers are requested to ensure all submissions are adequately checked prior to submission as article proofs will not be sent.

Once a paper has been published online, changes are only permitted in cases of serious scientific error. In those cases, an erratum is published according to the practices of professional scientific publishing.

Proceedings Promotion Toolkit

Once your Proceedings has been published, we hope you will actively promote it to your colleagues and networks. Our Proceedings Promotion Toolkit contains hints and tips which we hope you will find helpful.

  • Proceedings Promotion Toolkit: PDF

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