Client testimonials

The publication procedure was excellent. All the Authors of the published papers are very pleased from your work.
The guidelines for Authors, and Conference organizers, were very helpful. Thank you very much for the perfect cooperation.

M.G. Skarpetis, Sterea Ellada Institute of Technology, Halkis, Greece
Editor MATEC Web of Conferences vol.41 (2016)

Our first contact with the open-access journal EPJ Web of Conferences was 3 years ago when we organized the conference "Nuclear Structure and Related Topics 2012" (NSRT12). The results of our first experience in the on-line publication of the Conference Proceedings in cooperation with the EPJ Web of Conferences were recognized by our scientific community successful and promising. So that when the time has come to prepare the next conference NSRT15 we had no doubt about where to go to publish the conference proceedings. Now when this work is completed and the Proceedings of NSRT15 can be read and/or downloaded from the EPJ Web of Conferences site, we can only confirm our previous appreciation for the work of the editorial staff.

Prof. A. I. Vdovin, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
Co-Editor EPJ Web of Conferences vol.107 (2016)

It was a very good experience to work with EDP sciences, and we are very happy with the results. Everything was done efficiently and in a professional way.

Alain Bernard, Centre A. Koyré, Paris, France
Editor SHS Web of Conferences vol.22 (2015)

The ICODOC 2015 conference took place in May 2015 in Lyon, France. The articles have been written, reviewed and corrected between June and October 2015, for an online and paper publication of the proceedings in November 2015. Both the authors and the conference organizers enjoyed very much being able to promote their work in such a short delay. Although the time table was tight, the collaboration with the team of EDP Sciences was as much pleasant as efficient. We doubt we could have found a better team to work with for our first experience of proceedings publication.

Isabel Colon de Carvajal and Jean-Philippe Maitre, ICAR Lab, Lyon, France
Co-editors SHS Web of Conferences vol.20 (2015)

We would like to thank all the staff of EPJ Web of Conferences. It was a pleasure to work with all the people involved in the editorial office: their professionalism, efficiency and kindness made possible to have a nice book in a very short publication time

Monica Ceretti, Université de Montpellier, France
Co-Editor EPJ Web of Conferences vol.104 (2015)

I submitted proceedings from a small wind-energy-related conference to the E3S Web of Conferences. From the start, I have been highly impressed by the whole publishing experience, which I found streamlined and efficient. The online resources for authors and conference organizers are comprehensive yet succinct. The Word and LaTeX templates are clean and easy to use. And, finally, the EDP Sciences staff members are very helpful, promptly answering questions and providing the relevant information throughout the publishing process.

Matthew J. Churchfield, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
Editor E3S Web of Conferences vol.5 (2015)

We were looking after an online open-access journal to publish our conference proceedings. EPJ Web of Conferences was the best solution to our needs. The publication process went very smoothly and EDP Sciences was responsive and attentive to address our questions and requests. We are very satisfied with the outcome.

Jérôme Ballot, IRAP, France
Co-Editor EPJ Web of Conferences vol.101 (2015)

This is the first time that we worked together. The speed of process is amazing and you are very helpful. I want to thank all the staff of EPJ Web of Conferences for their helps in publishing process of TESNAT 2015.

Ismail Hakkı Sarpün, Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey
On the behalf of editors and organisation committee of TESNAT 2015 EPJ Web of Conferences vol. 100 (2015)

I thank you very much for all suggestion and help during the various steps of the procedure and contacts regarding the preparation of documents, articles and information for the publication of the DHF 2014 Conference proceedings in EPJ Web of Conferences vol.96 (2015) of the EDP sciences publisher. It is the second time in the last two years that we decided to choose your journal for the proceedings publication of our conference and symposium, and we are glad for the experience had with your staff and also for the importance of your journal in order to support our conferences and for the dissemination of our scientific activity. I am also very glad for the prompt publication and it is an honour for our organization to have such a publication on your journal.

Giorgio Giardina, Messina University - INFN Catania, Italy
Co-Editors EPJ Web of Conferences vol.96 (2015)

Altogether, the publication with EDP Sciences was a very positive experience. The open-access online publication and print copies for the participants is a suitable combination. The print copies have an appealing layout and are of high quality.

The editorial process from submission to appearance was very efficient and the collaboration with the editors was pleasant.

Ronald Schwengner, HZDR, Germany
Co-Editors EPJ Web of Conferences vol.93 (2015)